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Delhi IT hub all set to abandon child labour

News Published In: NehruNews Date : June 21,2012

The bustling Nehru Place market, also claimed to be the largest and busiest IT market of India, has decided to tackle with the evil of child labour by pledging to make the market a child-labour free zone.

More than 13 traders from Nehru Place came together along with Mr. Shyam Modi, Chairman – All Delhi Computer Traders Association-ADCTA, Mr. Mahendra Aggarwal - President, Sdr. SWARN Singh - Jt. Secretary, Mr. Rajiv Grover, Member & Dr. PS Sethi, Active Member – Save the Childen at a meeting organised by Save the Children, an NGO that has been working for protection and education of street children in Nehru Place for the last 2 years.

At the meeting it was agreed that shopkeepers will take a pledge to keep their shops child-labour free by putting up notices (Sticker) to declare it free of child labour.

“Despite laws to curb child labour, the number of children who are forced to work is on the rise. It is our common responsibility to strive to curb the practice. They are the creators of the nation's future. The society must spread awareness against child labour said Mr. Shyam Modi, Chairman – ADCTA.

“We will actively participate and contribute, in any way possible in order to make Nehru Place a child-labour free zone”, said Mr. Mahendra Aggarwal, President All Delhi Computer Traders Association.

“SWARN Singh, Jt. Secretary added further that we will going to run awareness campaign thru messages on the shop/offices and bring awareness amongst general public about this very sensitive issue ie. Child Labour. As in IT market, majorily, there are no issue of this kind but in Nehru Place, there are places like restaurants, dhabas and on patri you will find children who are doing work but with the support of NGO - Save the Children, we ADCTA will participate and support this project “Street to School”.

What should you do when see a street child?

Contact the juvenile/child welfare officer in the local police station or Special Juvenile Police Unit (previously known as JAPU).

.Contact child line on1098, a toll free 24x7 working and provide details about the child, employer and place for child line to intervene or report a child online by providing details on

 ·  The concerned person should produce the child before the Child Welfare Committee.

Economics Times 13-01-2012

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